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Since 2004 Diamond Transport Inc. based in Stockton, California has become one of the fastest growing trucking companies in the country. Diamond has a fleet of late model trucks in addition to a network of affiliated companies and owner operator vehicles. We can find trucks that are close to you to move your freight the same day.

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Diamond Transportation provides the competitiveness of a state-of-the-art broker with the reliability of an asset based carrier. Above all, we find ways to service our customers.

When you need to get it there and get it there fast, call Diamond!

Diamond provides LTL and FTL trucking services with a focus on refrigerated freight services (reefers) with a great track record with both fresh produce and frozen foods. Naturally, we also provide dry transport services for a myriad of companies.

Diamond also offers warehousing and consolidation services at our secure facilities. Although we provide services from California to all points in the western and southwest USA, we have expanded our services to the Midwest and Northeastern United States. Whether it is produce, frozen foods or even fresh fish and meats, Diamond can step up to deliver your goods reliably and on time.

At Diamond, our number one mission is to ALWAYS service our customer. We utilize a combination of in-house scheduling and communication systems, a large network of carriers and owner operators in addition to our fleet of late model trucks and trailers to get the job done. Our job is to get it there without fail and on time. Because of our reputation Diamond Transport, Inc. has become a service carrier of choice for many large customers.

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Produce Trucking Matters When It Comes To Quality Of Produce

[Posted on March 6th, 2014 by Dave Atwal]

It’s important to focus on produce trucking when you choose a company to send your produce with. Whether you are sending it from the farm to your warehouse or from your warehouse out to your customers, you need to focus on what a trucking company has to offer. One wrong move and you may be delivering rotten produce, which can have a negative impact on your reputation.

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Contact Diamond Transport, Inc. for Reliable Reefer Trucking

One time you do not want to cut corners in your business is when you are looking for reefer trucking. Shipping refrigerated goods needs to be done with the best trucks that you can afford, and you can find those refrigerated trucks at Diamond Transport, Inc. Our team makes sure that your goods are delivered on your timetable. We ensure that our drivers are on your schedule from start to finish, so that you receive your shipment intact and on time.

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Diamond Transport, Inc. is One of the Top Trucking Companies in California

Shipping inventory is an important task, and you need to look at the best trucking companies in California to find the right one for your job. Whether you are shipping refrigerated or dry goods, you need a team of drivers that not only have the best vehicles for the job, but are able to be relied on when you are on a tight schedule. Diamond Transport, Inc. offers superior service and a knowledgeable staff, so that you can be sure your shipment will arrive to its proper destination on time.

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Produce Trucking from Diamond Transport, Inc. Keeps Your Inventory Fresh

When you need to ship produce across the country, you may be concerned with whether or not it will stay fresh. One bad driver can ruin an entire shipment of inventory, and can cost you thousands of dollars. Produce trucking is a job that the drivers at Diamond Transport, Inc. take very seriously. If you are looking for a refrigerated carrier that will protect your produce from the elements, then contact us today. Our team will use reliable equipment and highly trained drivers to get your produce to its destination.

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If You Need Reliable Refrigerated Trucking, Call Diamond Transport, Inc.

Finding reliable trucking is hard, especially when you need refrigerated trucking. If their trucks are not working properly, or you have unreliable drivers, your goods can spoil in a hurry. This is why Diamond Transport, Inc. offers reliable refrigerated trucks that you can count on, with trained drivers that ensure the safety of your goods. Keeping your inventory refrigerated is an important job, especially during transport, and the drivers at Diamond Transport, Inc. can take care of it for you.

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