3 Alternative Reasons to Use Refrigerated Trucking Companies

[Posted on 21 Jan 2013 by Dave Atwal]]

Refrigerated trucking companies, such as Diamond Transportation Logistics, provide temperature controlled transportation for corporations and individuals. The benefits of reefer carriers include having a climate controlled trailer to transport perishable and dry goods. However, there are many other reasons to choose a refrigerated unit to transport items. Here are three alternative reasons why you should consider shipping using a refrigerated transportation company.

Non-refrigerated Shipping Needs

The great thing about using a refrigerated trailer to haul goods is that the driver can turn the coolant unit off at any time and the trailer is still accessible. For companies that are interested in shipping refrigerated items one way and having non-refrigerated items hauled back to them, this is ideal. These companies can save money and time by having a single logistics company handle both types of hauls. When coordinating trips for drivers, it is best to have goods to transport in both directions to give the driver the chance to double his runs.

Storage in Units

As you are shopping for a refrigerated trucking company for your shipping needs, consider that you may have a situation, such as an early delivery or emergency on the supply end that requires your load to be held at a standstill. For items that require constant refrigeration, you need a backup plan so you aren’t left with melting goods. A reefer carrier fleet, such as Diamond Transportation Logistics, offers more than just the ability to move goods from one place to another. Diamond also provides storage options via warehousing and short term storage.

More than Just a Driver

When you are shipping high priced goods that can make or break your business, you need to depend on someone to be in control of these goods when in transport. Dealing with a logistics company that provides refrigerated trucking ensures that you have professionals on your side to help manage items in transit. For instance, dealing with an independent driver can become sketchy when the driver is unable to make contact with you or loses valuable time due to unexpected truck repairs. Let a logistics company step in as the middle man to handle these crises in case they should arise. Also, having a nationwide logistics company to provide refrigerated carrier service ensures that you will have a backup driver and reefer trailer just in case.

As a professional it is your responsibility to provide your customers with products that often require special handling and care while in transit. That is also the goal of Diamond Transportation Logistics—to ensure that our customers and drivers have the latest trucking equipment and fluid communication so your product gets to its arrive on time and in tip top condition. You wouldn’t let an entry level employee run your company, and you shouldn’t let an inexperienced logistics company handle your transportation needs. Contact Diamond Transportation Logistics for your next refrigerated trucking needs, as well as warehousing and short term storage, and find out what the best and most professional logistics company can do for your business.

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