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Discover The Diamond Difference - Refrigerated Transportation Carriers
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Founded in 2004, Diamond Transportation Logistics Inc. is a family business run by a senior management team with over 75 years of experience in the trucking business. We are an FTL/LTL asset based carrier dedicated to providing 24/7 customer response and reliable service. Our owners are on the front lines of customer interaction and involvement

Use Refrigerated Transportation Carriers from Diamond Transport Inc. for Your Shipping

Whether you are shipping produce or anything else that needs to be kept fresh on the road, you need reliable refrigerated transportation carriers to get the job done. After all, it can be devastating to your business if your inventory is ruined because the refrigerated trucks used to transport everything failed while shipping. To ensure freshness and to keep your business running effectively, contact Diamond Transport Inc. to handle the job. The experienced experts at Diamond Transport Inc. will make sure that your inventory is protected throughout its shipment, and it will arrive fresh or frozen at the intended destination.

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Discover The Diamond Difference - Refrigerated Transportation Carriers

What sets Diamond Transport Inc. apart from other national refrigerated trucking companies is our emphasis on providing the best service possible to you and your company. If you need to get it there and get it fast, we are the company to hire. Our refrigerated transportation carriers are top-of-the-line, providing peace of mind to companies who need their inventory kept fresh. Our flexibility ensures that your shipment will be delivered on your timetable. It is not just about shipping quickly – it’s about shipping when you need it shipped. We provide the competitiveness of a state-of-the-art broker with the reliability of an asset-based carrier. Combine that with a great track record of success, and you have the perfect refrigerated trucking company for you.

This is not all that Diamond Transport Inc. provides, either. We also can provide you with warehousing and consolidation of your inventory. We keep secure facilities that can handle these types of services for you efficiently and thoroughly, so that all of your inventory is protected. Even if you are shipping fresh fish or meats, we can help. Of course, if you need dry transport, that can also be provided.

Protecting your inventory means protecting your business, and at Diamond Transport Inc., we can do both. With reliable and fully-trained drivers to top quality equipment, we have everything you need to have your inventory shipped securely and safely to any destination in the country. For more information on how our refrigerated transportation carriers can serve you, contact us today.

Featured Article:

The Top Five Ways Refrigerated Transportation Carriers Can Help Your Business

[Posted on 18 Mar 2013 by Dave Atwal]

When you run a business where your products are time sensitive, such as the restaurant or food industry, you cannot gamble on quality and the customer service of your refrigerated transportation carriers. There are many refrigerated transportation services in the area, but you need to choose the one that will help your company grow. Here are the top five ways choosing the right transportation carriers can help your business.

1. Provide a Better Product- The whole idea behind refrigerated transportation to preserve a foods edibility and taste. Great refrigerated transportation carriers will not only keep your food from being spoiled, but they will improve and preserve the freshness and taste of the product.

2. Save Company Money- The cost of refrigerated shipping and the loss of product could be the difference in going bankrupt or staying in business. Many people believe that choosing transportation companies that offers compensation in the event of lost or spoiled product is good enough. However this is not true; customers need a dependable supply of product, and if that supply is interrupted, you may lose their business. You do not want loyal customers to start looking other places for their produce or other refrigerated product.

You need to choose a trucking company that guarantees to meet the demand of the products while ensuring safe transportation to and from distribution centers. Choose a company with a track record of excellence of service to make sure that you never lose precious product, or worse, loyal customers. You can even pass savings onto your customers to make your prices more competitive in your industry.

3. Help Make Customers Happy- Happy customers usually come back. When you choose refrigerated transportation carriers that preserve the quality of your products, it will show through when your customers try the product out for themselves. A better product improves the overall business by encouraging repeat purchases, saving you money, and helping deliver a superior product. Customers will remember where they got the freshest food in town, and they will be sure to tell their friends about it as well.

4/5. Make Your Company Look Good/Conserve the Environment- In today’s world people are starting to take notice of energy conservation. Whether Global Warming is just a fad or an actual environmental concern people are starting to prefer to buy from a company that is “green” in regards to the environment. When you choose the right refrigerated transportation carriers with the latest cooling and preservation technology you are benefiting your company in a few ways. While energy conservation may ultimately save you and your customer money, it also might be a good idea to let them know that you use a “green” company for your refrigeration transportation. It will make your company look responsible and will help conserve energy and the environment.

There are many ways a refrigeration transportation company can help your business. Do your homework to find the most qualified carrier that will meet your needs and expectations.

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