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Founded in 2004, Diamond Transportation Logistics Inc. is a family business run by a senior management team with over 75 years of experience in the trucking business. We are an FTL/LTL asset based carrier dedicated to providing 24/7 customer response and reliable service. Our owners are on the front lines of customer interaction and involvement

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You have seen it before: produce inventory that is rotting and spoiled. Stores across the country have sub-par produce sections, and most of the time, it is due to the transport of the produce. Cases are poorly handled, so fruits get bruised, and the refrigeration is not functioning as it needs to be, so vegetables are left to rot while en route to their destination. If your company gets a reputation for poor produce trucking, then your business will suffer. Stores will no longer come to you for their produce needs, because they do not want to put rotting produce on their shelves.

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Discover The Diamond Difference - Produce Trucking

With Diamond Transport Inc., you can have produce trucking that you will rely on at any time. We have a fleet of trucks and equipment that is tested and proven to function properly throughout your shipment. No matter how much time your produce is on the road, it is shipping refrigerated and protected. Because our equipment does not fail, you can rest assured that your produce inventory will arrive as fresh as the day it left your warehouse. But what pushes Diamond Transport Inc. farther ahead of the other trucking companies in California is the group of drivers at the helm of these trucks. Our drivers are experienced and trained. They know how to handle produce and other shipments carefully and quickly. Not only will you be confident in the shape of the produce when it arrives, but you will also be confident in the timeliness of the delivery. Our drivers always make sure to meet shipping deadlines to provide you with what you need to run your store.

Our shipments are not limited to national refrigerated trucking, either. Our team can ship dry goods as well, or we can lower the temperature far enough to handle frozen shipments, too. No matter what your shipping needs are, Diamond Transport Inc. has the answer. If you are searching for the best in produce trucking, call us today. Our team will be able to help you immediately get the service you deserve.



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When You Need Produce Trucking, Diamond Transport Inc. is Here to Help!

Whether you own a small business or run a large company, having your produce delivered on time and in good condition is important to your success. If you want to see your company grow throughout the years, then you should take care to choose a Produce Trucking company that will help keep your items well protected and make sure to deliver them on time. Making the wrong choice can lead to a loss for your business, and this is something that you will wish to avoid.


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Produce Trucking: Top 5 Reasons for Choosing a Reputable Company

[Posted on 11 Mar 2013]

Companies involved in produce trucking must be reliable and able to deliver their cargo on time and in good condition. Produce must be transported under specific conditions in order to maintain freshness. A reputable company know how to maintain their trailers to keep food in the best possible condition during the transportation process.

*Constant temperature – When hauling produce, a constant temperature must be kept in order to ensure freshness upon delivery. It’s best to choose a company who monitors the temperature in their trailers frequently and has mechanisms in place that sound an alarm if temperatures reach a critical level. Different types of produce require different temperatures to maintain optimum freshness.

*Well maintained fleet – A reputable produce trucking company has a fleet of well-maintained trucks and trailers. They adhere to a strict maintenance schedule designed to keep their vehicles running smoothly and operating without the fear of break downs. Keeping their trucks operating at their best prevents missed deadlines and allows them to catch small problems before they get out of control.

*Consistently meets deadlines – Reefer transportation revolves around the best use of time and logistics. Because of the fragile nature of the produce, deadlines must be kept at all cost. If deadlines are missed, the risk of spoilage and financial loss increases with every minute. Consistently meeting deadlines proves a company is committed to meeting the needs of their clients and ensuring they get the best service possible.

*Dedicated team of drivers – Produce trucking companies who have dedicated teams of drivers are also the most reliable. Drivers who do everything they can to make sure they make their drops on time, keep their trucks in the best possible condition and follow client instructions are found in companies where quality is the norm and not the exception. Trucking companies are only as good as the drivers who man their fleet.

*State of the art technology – Using state of the art technology gives produce trucking companies the edge when it comes to controlling temperature and monitoring the condition of the produce being transported. Trucks that are equipped with the newest monitoring systems available can provide immediate information on internal trailer temperature, weather conditions, fuel usage and other important aspects a driver needs to know if they are going to remain on schedule. Computer technology also records all types of data and stores it so the company can use it to evaluate each route for efficiency.

No two trucking companies are alike. The type of cargo they haul will determine much of how the company operates. While all companies dedicate themselves to serving their customers, those that haul fragile cargo must go the extra mile to make sure it reaches its destination at its absolute freshest state. Companies involved in produce trucking realize the sensitivity involved in handling and transporting fruits and vegetables. It is up to them to make sure every precaution is taken to ensure their cargo is delivered to its destination on time and in the best possible condition.

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When You Need Produce Trucking, Diamond Transport Inc. is Here to Help!